Telemarketing Gets a Boost With a Business Database

Published November 21, 2010 by arenamu101
Tele-sales reps who fail, don’t typically fail because they tried something new or different. They fail because they DIDN’T try something new and different. Trying a new skill or technique involves change and it involves risk. Many reps would rather fail than risk the awkwardness of change. This article examines why tele-sales reps fail and how changing your mind set can mean success.

How do motivate a prospect to listen further, to stay focused, to answer your questions, to take action and ultimately to buy? You start by thinking about what’s important to THEM, not you. By focusing on the prospect’s interests, needs, wants and desires, it become much easier to craft a cold call that is more successful.

When dealing with sales prospects, it is critical for you to establish credibility. This is so important because there are so many sales people trying to get in the door and get the prospect’s attention. If you haven’t established credibility, you will blend in with the rest and one way to stand out from the rest and look credible is by using a concept of social proof.

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